2017 Business Trends: Year in Review

If you’re looking to start a business in 2018, your best bet is to look back on 2017 business trends. What trended this year, and is it projected to continue into 2018?

This year showed us everything from selfie drones to fidget spinners. But as an entrepreneur, you want to make smart investments. You want to open a business within your budget, and, more importantly, one you’re passionate about. Business trends in 2017 show some completely original business concepts emerging, leaving the door wide open right now for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here are some totally reasonable, yet somewhat unexpected, business ideas that took off in 2017.

2017 Business Trends: A Year in Review, Glimpse into 2018

Resume Writing  Services

The job market is tough these days and everyone wants to craft an awesome resume. A resume writing service is appealing to both students and professionals looking to spruce up their resume. To market yourself as a resume writer, create a website and list your qualifications. Don’t forget to add images and contact information. Think about prices and packing. Resume writing can turn into a full-fledged business or you can use it to earn extra income.

Phone Cases

If you’re crafty, or know someone who is, put that creativity to good use and produce your own phone cases. The phone accessories industry may be worth as much as $121.72 billion by 2025. Phone cases are easy to market online; Instagram, in particular, provides a great visual platform to sell different patterns and models. As with many products these days, you should also consider dropshipping phone cases – an inexpensive way to buy directly from wholesalers and sell to consumers on a per-item basis.

Vintage Stores

History has value, and vintage enthusiasts are cashing in on that value. Whether it’s clothing, records, books or memorabilia- the market for nostalgia is huge. Second-hand stores work well for both the consumer and business owner because they typically consist of used items – smaller price tags for both buying and selling. But this market remains vast. Stores like Etsy and eBay are great starting points to get these types of businesses off the ground.

Vintage Stores are a great choice for entrepreneurs as a business trending in 2017.

Pet Sitting

People pay good money to find their pets proper care. If you are an animal lover, gather a group of people (or go solo) and offer your services to families throughout the neighborhood. This type of business can spread very quickly through word of mouth alone, so be prepared with a solid business plan that includes legal requirements. Also, be prepared to utilize technology, as this market is growing through online platforms. Social media is a great advertising tool for it.

Social Media Consultant

If you know how to navigate social media well, put your skills to good use and help businesses make the move to online marketing. Many people are clueless when it comes to social media, so the ability to create an effective strategy is extremely valuable these days. You can set up this type of business with a website and some fortitude. Scout out some local businesses and offer up your services. Make business cards and create a website. You’ll soon find companies seeking out your services as the demand for online marketing becomes greater.

Dad Hats

That’s right, your good old-fashioned baseball cap – donned with an eye-catching image or phrase on the front. These hats can have a word, slogan, picture or logo on them. In fact, the more unique the design, the better. This business is a great way to express creative abilities, form or expand upon a brand. People love merchandise, and hats are becoming one of the most sought after fashion accessories again. Dad hats are definitely trending.

Dad Hats, or baseball caps, with logos and saying on the front are a 2017 business trend.

A look at the 2017 business trends prove this year was great for unique concepts – these business trends aren’t stopping anytime soon! The market is very open-minded right now, so get experimental. Just make sure a market exists somewhere for what you’re trying to sell. For extra help or insight, contact Mobile Mind Agency and we’ll set you up with a trend-setting website, catchy slogan, flashy logo and our social media experts to crush the 2018 competition.