The World Is Your Oyster For Marketing


Ten years ago, you would have had to put out a decent sized arm and leg for quality advertising. Think of the Mad Men era. They weren’t logging on to Facebook to increase their traffic. Things were different back then. Marketing was different. Starting a business was harder.

You had to think hard about your budget. Now, you really can just log on to Facebook and create a page. Voilà!

Marketing has taken a huge turn. It has become easier and cheaper. Which is why now is the perfect time to start a business. With the invention of the internet, and then social media, marketing has become insanely doable and accessible on an individual basis. You might be thinking of opening a business, but find yourself saying “I don’t have the money for advertising.” Well yes you do because advertising has changed, and, maybe if you’re Nike you can think about a billboard in Manhattan. But if you’re a small business start up, all you need is your computer and your brain. Once you have those things going, think outside the box.

Veer away from “How can I get my ad in front of people?” and towards “How can I spread my message through the cyber world?” Marketing these days is less one dimensional and more versatile. So get creative, look at all the different outlets around you, and realize there is nothing standing in your way.

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