Working HARDER on Fridays

I’ve been working hard all week. So, why should I work harder on a Friday, especially when I’m getting ready for the weekend?

This is why.

Slacking off and taking it easy on a Friday is the worst thing you can do for yourself and your business as an entrepreneur. Giving it your all on a Friday, giving it 110% is essential to keep your business running smooth for a couple reasons.

  1. You don’t lose momentum over the weekend if you push yourself to keep things going on Friday. I’m not saying don’t go out and enjoy your weekend by any means. But if you take care of little tasks over the weekend, you’ll preserve the momentum you spent all week building up. You’ll carry this momentum through the weekend and into Monday. When Monday rolls around, you are rip, roaring and ready to go. There’s no slow time, no adjusting, just grinding it out.
  2. You’ll have an edge over your competition, which is crucial for your business success. Most people don’t work very hard on Fridays. So give it your all on Friday and through the weekend, go above and beyond to get well ahead of your competition. If you’re starting or running a business, there’s always someone behind you, cranking it out when other aren’t. It’s crucial not to lose your momentum. While your competition is busy slacking off, you’re spending that time getting ahead of them, out working them. These little things compound over time and will make your business.

I seriously can’t stress this enough: don’t slack off, especially when you know others are. Fridays are the worst time to do it, and it’s your best time to get ahead. So go on, crank it this weekend. When Monday comes around, you’ll notice a huge difference.