What Makes A Good Company Logo?

Most everyone knows the Nike symbol. Why? Because it’s classic. It’s simple. It’s versatile. It has all the elements of a powerful, lasting logo. A logo that stands the test of time. People think Nike, they see the logo. They even hear “Just Do It”. Nike has nailed good logo design, and because of that, their brand speaks for itself.

Your logo is the foundation of your brand. It is your brand in visual form. It is the face of your company. Your logo represents YOU, so you want it to be good. What makes a good logo? There are a couple key factors here.

Your Logo Should Be..

1. Relevant

You want your logo to be the visual representation of your brand. So if you own a resume writing service, you probably wouldn’t want your logo to be a hotdog. Think about who you are, what you’re selling, and the tone you want to convey through this image. Again, relevance. A wedding planner is going to have a different logo than a DJ.

2. Simple

Look at Nike’s logo. How simple is that? And yet, very powerful. You don’t need intricacy. After all, this is an image. People’s brains won’t be on it long enough to comprehend anything. And they shouldn’t have to actively think about anything. They want to see it, and just absorb it. So think visually. What would catch your eye? What would be aesthetically pleasing to you? Maybe it’s a single word. Maybe it’s a small picture but one that conveys your company to a T. Think Apple. Think Jeep. Think Adidas. Not super complex, but says everything it needs to in one image, therefore packing a punch. Keep it simple.



3. Memorable

What makes a logo memorable? What gives it a long life? It’s gotta be unique. That doesn’t mean whip out your Dr. Seuss crayons and doodle away. It means create something that you have never seen done before. Unique doesn’t mean extreme. It just means totally original. Take a look at the Simply Orange logo. There are many other orange juice brands out there, but this one has created it own name in the market place by having a totally original personality and creating a logo that depicts it. Remember, standing out doesn’t necessarily mean being loud.

4. Versatile

You want your logo be on multiple things. Products, e-mail signatures, packaging, merchandise. There are a ton of merchandising opportunities for brands for nourish their customer loyalty, so we want make sure the logo we’ve chosen can fit all of those mediums. Maybe don’t think about something gigantic that would be too large for a t-shirt or package.

Your company logo speaks before you have even said anything. People see it, and they’re either turned on or turned off. They either do a double-take, or they don’t even notice.

Your logo is the foundation is your business, so you want to make sure it has staying power, it’s something people enjoy looking at, and, most importantly, it’s something people naturally associate with your company.

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