Starting A Business is Easier Than You Think


The logistics of starting a business are way too over-hyped.

Starting a business is exciting, invigorating, motivating – but one thing it’s not is difficult. The reason people think this is because it seems like a lot of … stuff. A business is essentially an entity that relies on income to stay afloat. And if the income isn’t coming in, your business sinks. If you’ve ever seen Shark tank, you know the business world can be brutal. But that shouldn’t stop you! It doesn’t stop anyone else, that’s for sure. Part of this process will entail getting around road-blocks, taking rejection, and transforming that into motivation. Of course starting a business is going to be challenging – but that’s where this little word comes into play: persistence.

The pavement on your way to success needs pounding. If you’re not consistently working to build your business, it will fail. Your business needs your fuel behind it. If you have that, there’s no way anything can stand in your way. So stop making excuses, stop distracting yourself, and stop deluding yourself. Starting a business isn’t that complicated, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Do you think Oprah started out with an entire empire behind her? No. We start small and we build, and this an opportunity available to anyone in the world.

Make a bee-line for your first steps, and don’t stop until you have them done. Your first steps are actually very simple. Don’t worry about adding people to payrolls and coordinating with other business owners just yet – these are all things you learn in time. And once you get that ball rolling, it doesn’t stop.

In the beginning, though, all you need to focus on is getting off the ground. Here’s how to do that:

  • Create your business idea.
  • Think about how you want to run your business. (Things will be worked out along the way – it doesn’t have to be a seamless strategy right away.)
  • Make a website for it.
  • Create business cards and send them out.
  • Keep. Trying.

Simple as that. All you need is one person to take an interest in you. So fellow entrepreneurs, get started! If you need help, want some sound advice, or just want to hear some words of encouragement, contact Mobile Mind Agency or visit our Facebook page for daily videos and marketing content.