Small Business Saturday: Social Media Marketing Tips

Working for a marketing agency, I get asked for advice on social media marketing all the time. Since most people receive a majority of their information through social media, it’s no wonder businesses need a strong social media presence to compete.

Big corporations have thousands of dollars to shell out to large marketing firms that handle their social media accounts. As a small business, you have yourself, a phone, a computer and probably a bunch of different marketing blog posts bookmarked in your browser.

Truth be told, that’s really all you need. It’s time to get down to business.

Here’s my top tips and tricks for effective social media marketing posts for small businesses:

1. Find the Platform that Best Suits your Business

This is one of the golden rules to posting effectively on social media for a small business. You must find the best social media platform for you and your business. Not all social media platforms were made equal – they all work in slightly different ways. Educating yourself and knowing the difference in how platforms work will help you to optimize your social media marketing.

For example, there’s a small hair salon in my town. They don’t have a website and have minimal Facebook posts. Usually, this is a social media marketing recipe for disaster. However, business is booming and they have a strong social media presence on Instagram – they post every day, multiple times a day to the platform. They have thousands of followers on there, run specials on there and gain new followers and customers every day. They don’t need to do much else. By posting photos of the nails they do on Instagram every day, customers are given an intimate preview into their work and are more likely to try it out in the future.

2. Post Consistently to that Platform

I don’t think I can stress this one enough. For social media marketing to work well for your business, you must post consistently to the platforms of your choosing. This shows people that you are active, updated and out there. For example, I was looking into getting a tattoo the other day. I have a friend that has tons of tattoos and constantly posts photos of them on her Facebook and Instagram pages – and she tags their business in every post. Well, I decided to check out their work, only to find out they didn’t have a Facebook page or a website.

Okay. The search was on for more information now.

They didn’t have an Instagram. What was I going to do? When I searched the tattoo parlor’s name on Instagram, all the posts their business were tagged in through the location settings on the post appeared. Through this, I found the tattoo artists who worked there and previewed their work. I also got to see posts they were tagged in. Needless to say, their social media presence was strong on Instagram because their customers were posting consistently to social media and tagging their business in some form or other in the posts. Even though they didn’t have any social media sites or even a website, I was still able to look up and find the information I was looking for through these posts. I saw that the tattoo parlor was active, updated and out there. This leads into my next point.

3. Engage with Customers on your Social Media Sites

One of the best things you can do is engage with customers on your social media platforms. Invite engagement on those platforms, too. Customers want to show off and recommend products they love on social media. Prompt your customers to do so. Encourage them to continue doing so by engaging them in posts, reviews and comments. Remember: every comment, like or share is a potential customer. Use these things to your disposal by encouraging customer engagement on your social media platforms. People love reading stories. Interacting with existing customers shows your active, in-tune with your customers’ wants and listening. It shows you’re human, which is important for a small business. Once people like, trust and respect you and your business, they’re more likely to become your customers. Who better to help build your business repertoire on social media than customers?

4. Learn from Your Posts

This one is important, yet underrated. Every post you make is a learning opportunity. Social media marketing is all about experimenting. Trial and error. You figure out what works well and what doesn’t work as well. Then adapt. You change your strategy to what works best for your business.

Of course, most social media sites will favor certain content over others and educating yourself about this can improve your future posts. Most social media sites give you access to analytics, which show you exactly what type of engagement each of your posts received. Use these analytics and your own observations to learn and improve posts. Once you do this, you increase the chances of your information and business being seen by a larger audience. More people seeing your posts means more potential customers for your small business. Learn which posts work the best for your business before boosting any posts or running ads.

5. Consider your Branding – Logo, Website and Story

Do you have a consistent business brand? This is a big one you’ll want to consider. Your social media posts should align with your overall business brand, keeping everything consistent. Consistency lends credibility and professionalism to your business. Your brand should share your business’s story. To every small business, there is a story of its start. People love to listen to stories, especially if they can relate to them.

Take a moment to reflect on your brand. Do you have one in place? If the answer is no, it’s time to reconsider it. First, consider your logo and your website – are they conveying the right message about your business to the customer? Your website should be the central hub for information on your business. If not, it might be time for a revamp. A clean, professional logo, website or sales funnel will go a long way in boosting your brand. Use your brand as a guideline for social media posts. Additionally, use social media to effectively boost your brand.

6. Put in the Hard Work

That’s how it works with all of marketing: you get from it what you put into it. If you don’t take the time, commitment and effort to put into your social media marketing efforts, you’re not going to get much from it.

There’s plenty of tools that make it super easy to sync up your social media posts on one platform and schedule them out ahead of time. If you only have a Facebook business page, Facebook makes it incredibly easy to schedule posts – freeing up your free time. You don’t have to devote every second of every day to your social media platform. But, you need to devote some time and effort into it. As I said, you get what you give.

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