Remember: Small Things Add Up

You know how the saying goes: the small things add up. Like brushing your teeth, for example. It’s a little task you do at least once a day (hopefully). However, if you stop brushing your teeth every day, after a few days you notice sores in your mouth or bad breath (gross…).

This has been on my mind a lot lately. The little things add up over time. I’ve been conditioning myself to continually go out of my way to get the small things done to make positive changes in my life. Like washing my dishes after every time I eat. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but by staying on top of the dishes every day, they no longer pile up in the sink. My kitchen is cleaner, smells better and the dishes are manageable. This goes for anything: cleaning the garage, making your bed, flossing your teeth. I don’t care what it is – small things accomplished on a consistent basis add up over time. It’s up to you to choose whether they add positively or negatively to your life.

You have problems in your life you know stem from not making the right things happen. Often, these problems are the result of letting a lot of small, easy-to-do things slip by and compound over time. Suddenly, shit hit the fan and here you are now, reading this blog post, thinking about all those moments you could, and should, handle differently. However, if you take care of these little things as they appear each day, you prevent a lot of negative situations from arising and are prepared to control the direction of your life when things appear.

I’ve learned the small things really have a massive impact over time. Whether it’s skipping the gym, ignoring the dishes or slacking off, if you put off these small tasks enough, things will happen in your life, but not what you were hoping for. However, when you accomplish the small tasks every day, good things happen in your life and go the way you hope over time.

Push yourself to make those little things happen. They’re easy to put off, they don’t seem like a big deal, but work on pushing yourself to do these things each day and make things happen for yourself. You’ll be surprised with the results in your life when you do this. Little actions each day create habits, which create a positive mentality. This rock solid mentality will change your life and lead to a positive, rock solid life. Challenge yourself, do the small easy things and you’ll create a big result for your life in the end.