Why is Small Business Marketing CRUCIAL for Success?

Let’s face it – we live in a much busier world than before the age of the internet. There is so much information available to an individual at the touch of a button that it can be almost overwhelming at times. At any given moment, an individual is bombarded with advertisements and the competition is stiff; how do you hold someone’s interest when attention spans are shorter nowadays? This can be an especially daunting task when you’re a small business owner, which is why it is crucial to have the right small business marketing strategy to stand out of the crowd and stand out FAST.

But how do you do that? Simple.

Begin by creating a brand for your business. You might find yourself wondering: what exactly IS branding? Essentially, your brand is how you want customers to perceive your business – what services or products are you offering? What differentiates your business from your competitors? What can customers expect when they see your product or services?

For example, Mobile Mind Agency prides itself on its quality services, friendly atmosphere and swift response times, offering a wide range of services for all your business needs. We build brands.

Once you hash out the message you want to send to customers, the next step is to create a logo that effectively communicates your brand in graphic form.

Your logo is one of the most essential steps in marketing your small business. Any time someone sees it, they will automatically associate that with your brand and business. Often, your logo is your first impression on a customer – and we all know how important making a good first impression is.

When you see Mobile Mind’s logo, what impression do you immediately get of our company? You’ll notice the quality of the graphic, which gives an overall highly professional feel. Next, the sleekness of the design gives a clean and cutting-edge type of vibe, making the customer feel as if they can trust our knowledge base and the modernity of our services. Finally, the simplicity of the design makes customers feel welcome and safe, enticing them to learn more about our company instead of leaving them overwhelmed and disoriented.

You have your brand down. Your logo is ready. What’s next? Creating a website.

Your website is the central hub of information pertaining to your products or services; this will be customers’ go-to place when they want to learn more about your business. Creating a website that aligns with your brand is essential to standing out. Without an easily accessible place to visit for more information, you are sure to be lost in the sea of competition.

You want your website to be clean and simple; you don’t want users to have a hard time navigating through the webpages or unable to easily find the information they want. Remember, your customers’ attention spans are short and they don’t want to spend a lot of time rooting around your site to answer their questions; if they spend more than just a few minutes searching through information, you’ll lose their interest and their business.

Keep in mind that you also want your website to be attractive to your audience and draw them in. Proof reading your page for grammatical errors is key! When you go to Mobile Mind’s homepage, you’ll immediately notice how the graphics on the page pop out, enticing visitors and making them want to check out more.

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start thinking about your social media presence. In this day and age, nearly everyone is on some sort of social media site – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Before going social media bananas however, consider which platforms will best suit your brand. Which social media sites does your audience engage on most? Although it’s nice to have a presence on a wide variety of sites, it’s also hard to maintain a consistent posting schedule and some sites may fall through the cracks – which will have consequences for your brand. Pick and choose which social media sites you use and then use these to their fullest extent – this is one of the best ways to really engage with customers, find your business’s voice and show off your brand.

It may seem overwhelming to get the word out about your business at times, but don’t despair; it can be done, especially with the help of companies like Mobile Mind Agency, which specializes in helping business owners all over the world get to where they want to go, offering everything from business consulting to graphic design to social media management to build your brand. Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd; give your marketing strategy the Mobile Mindset and start growing your small business today.