Simple HACKS To Staying Disciplined

Hey y’all, so you know I’m a huge fan of shooting videos talking about concepts revolving around a positive mindset, success, etc.

As I start down this journey of delivering more content than I ever have before, I want y’all to know that I will ONLY talk about concepts that I have had a personal experience with…

I am not a fan of simply listening to something some other “guru” said and than spitting it back out to you.

I’m a fan of learning from people who are where I want to be, applying what they have to say into my life, seeing an outcome (or not), and then talking about it.

I pledge to ONLY bring content, tips, tracks & hacks that I’ve had a first hand experience with, so you know it’s not bull****.

Real, verified, and Joe approved (and if that doesn’t matter to you, don’t tune in to what I have to say).

With that being said, I wanted to start this “content kick” off with talking about one of my favorite words, DISCIPLINE.

I’ll start off by saying this; It’s Not Easy.

Staying disciplined is one of the tougher things to master, but it’s got a BIG payoff when done correctly.

Consistent action over a specific period of time, that’s how you WIN.

I’ve found a few different key points and hacks that I’ve used in my personal life, and it’s been working out pretty well thus far.

I wanted to share them with you in hopes that they work just as well for you.

To the moon!

– JD

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