On Being Relentless as an Entrepreneur

Be relentless. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, strive to be one or you just stumbled upon this post for some morning motivation, this mindset is for everyone. Apply this lesson to every aspect of your life when it comes to achieving or going after something you want.

Fail Forward

When you’re trying to make anything happen in your life, whether it’s a new business or starting a new job, fail forward. As with anything in life, you’re going to fail before you make it. When I started my marketing agency, I dabbled in the world of failure for about three or four years until I really started to get some traction and make things happen. I’m not saying it’s going to take you that long to find success, but what I am saying is: you have to mess up before you figure out what actually works. Use what you learn from those failures to achieve success. Let those failures propel you to success.

If you’re trying to do something new or innovative that you can’t follow a model created by someone else who has found success, you have to push and shove in different ways. You have to mess up a few times to find out what doesn’t work. It’s like the classic Edison quote. He tried 10,000 times to work a light bulb successfully. Instead of focusing on these failures, he said he found 10,000 ways a light bulb would not work. You need this powerful mindset when starting anything new in your life, and especially a business.

Cultivate your Why

Cultivate a strong why and understand why you’re doing what you are doing. That’s the only thing that’s truly going to get you through your failures. It will motivate you, make you relentless. I wanted to create a life of total freedom for myself, supply for my family in a really abundant way, not have to worry and give back to my parents – that’s my motivation for going out there, making it happen and killing it. When I am beaten down, when I do fail, I’m still relentless because I focus on my why. I just keep going.

Be a One Percenter

Be relentless and you’ll be a one-percenter. Let me explain real quick. Most people can’t continually fail over and over and over again. They get beat up, they get popped in the mouth every once in a while. Instead of moving through it, most people stop and quit. Use this to your advantage. Get beyond your competition by being relentless. If you want to be a one-percenter, you keep moving and become relentless, you don’t give up. When you get slammed, popped in the mouth, rocked in the face and shit doesn’t work, understand your why and be strong enough to handle it.

You need thick skin to be an entrepreneur and start a business. You learn more over time. When you fail once, the next failure comes a little easier. It stings a little less because you were already exposed to the hurt. You get used to it. Don’t only get used to failure, embrace it.

When I find out something doesn’t work, I get so excited. I won’t try that again. Instead, I pivot, getting that much closer to actually making it happen. If I were to give away one secret to success, it’s being relentless. Have thick skin because that’s all you need to make it happen, I promise.


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