Make Choices That Support Positive Living

The movement towards healthy, positive living is strong these days – and for good reason!

When we start our day with a McMuffin, or just roll out of bed, put on dirty clothes, we’re setting ourselves up for a pretty blah day. But we have the power to change this, and set our day to a positive atmosphere that will sustain us. Do McMuffins sustain you? Probably not. Does a shake filled with fruits and veggies sustain you? Yes. Healthy, nutritious foods sustain us. Positive music sustains us. A good attitude sustains us. And all we have to do to is implement these behaviors.

McMuffins taste good. So does candy, and so does sleeping. But where does your self discipline come in? When do you stop and give up unhealthy behaviors in favor of healthy ones, even if you don’t enjoy them? Does anyone like eating salad? What’s good for you doesn’t always taste good, and isn’t always fun, but it’s best for your health and your mindset. Self discipline is hard but it will strengthen you on all levels.

You are in control of setting your schedule and setting your mood. Think about when you’re planning a party. Do you welcome guests with an angry face, put out rotting food, and play sad music? That doesn’t induce excitement. You set the mood for anything – your day, your relationship, your event, your class. If you go into anything feeling weak, or negative, or closed off, whatever follows will spring from that place. It’s all up to you, so make good choices that benefit you!

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