Implementing 2019 Marketing Trends in your Existing Strategy

How to Implement 2019 Marketing Trends in your Existing Strategy

In this article, we will answer:

  1. What are the key 2019 marketing trends?
  2. What does each trend entail?
  3. Where are we already seeing these trends in place?
  4. Why should we implement these trends?
  5. How can I include these trends in my existing strategy?

2019 is only a couple short months away. It’s time to start looking at the top 2019 marketing trends to watch out for in the coming year.

We’re already seeing changes in the way companies are marketing to their customers. We’ll continue to see these marketing trends develop and flourish in 2019. But what trends are we talking about specifically? How do we use these trends to bolster our business? What does this mean for the future of marketing? Should we pay these trends any mind? Let’s dive in.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, Artificial Intelligence (AI) made its debut as a useful marketing and customer service/retention tool for businesses. AI, like Facebook Messenger bots, are automating the customer on-boarding process and helping companies make money while their employees are spending more time with families or sound asleep in their beds.

This trend is projected to boom throughout 2019. AI changed the way businesses interact with their customers. It’s no longer a one-sided speech where you hope to make things general enough to catch a large portion of your audience’s attention. Instead of being a one-sided conversation, AI allows you to converse with the customer and hyper-personalize their experience with your business based on their needs and interests. You can use their previous purchase history to give them personalized suggestions of things to buy, or let them know when those items are on sale.

Social media in general has changed the landscape of digital marketing. However, with the rise of AI, the customer’s experience with any given business can be hyper-personalized to their needs, interests and wants in a place that is convenient and easily accessible for that customer. Use apps, such as Facebook Messenger, that your customers are already using regularly to spark the conversation with them and watch how your whole marketing strategy changes. The rise of AI is one of the biggest 2019 marketing trends – use it, don’t ignore it!

The Decline of Paid Traffic

Is it even worth investing in paid traffic these days? Unless you’re pumping A LOT of money into paid traffic services, such as Facebook ads and Google AdWords, and creative ads proven to convert, you’re not going to get a major boost in leads or sales from either of these services. Fraud is rampant with paid ad services and almost unavoidable, costing you precious money in the long-run. These days, prices for paid traffic are higher than ever, which means it costs more to get your business in front of fewer new eyes. For smaller businesses, the investment just might not be worth it.

So now the big question is: how do you get more organic traffic to your website? Recent Facebook updates are making it harder for businesses to be seen on the platform. SEO requires a lot of skill and comes at a hefty price to hire a company to optimize your website. Plus, it takes months to see the result of your SEO efforts. The challenge for marketers this year will be identifying and implementing ways to increase organic traffic and online presence without upping your paid traffic budget (HINT: Keep reading for some tips on upping your organic traffic). If used in the right way, paid traffic is extremely valuable. As far as 2019 marketing trends goes, this one will continue well into the future. 

Sparking Conversations

Generally, marketing is a one-way conversation. An email blast sent out to a diverse group of people needs to be general enough to talk to every single one of those people on some level, while also feeling personalized, warm and as if the email is coming from a real person delivered specifically to each customer. Doing both of these things is a relatively difficult task, which is why email marketers often have different email lists and different categories of people within lists based on actions they’ve taken. Segments and lists like this help, but still the conversation is one-sided and you’re only learning a very limited amount of information about your customers.

2019 is about including the customer in that conversation. It’s about asking the customer what they want to see and making sure that’s what they get – marketing personalized to that person, their interests and their wants. You can use AI to automate that conversation, or be a direct part of the conversation. But whatever you do, remember this: the easier you make it for your customers to interact with your business and purchase from you, the more likely they are to actually take action and buy products/services from you.

This is one of the 2019 marketing trends to implement ASAP. This trend allows your business to learn a lot about your customers and hone-in your marketing strategy based on their needs. Gathering this data on your customers helps you connect with your existing fan base and give them content they love, in addition to the ability to expand your customer base with in-depth knowledge on who to target and how to do so. Use these conversations with your customers to collect the data you need to create a unique experience for everyone when interacting with your business and products.

Creating Communities, Not Brands

I recently joined a Facebook group about stones and crystals (HUGE fan right here). I love the group! It brings together people all over the country who have a shared interest in crystals. It’s fun to see and learn about how other people use their stones. There’s 727,000 people in this group – it’s hoppin’! People post every single day, all day long and the things they post are so interesting. I could spend hours going through the posts on the page and learning about crystals if I let myself.

But what I really love about this group is that it’s run by an online stone and crystal retail shop. In the group rules, members can’t advertise other shops or businesses, post links to other companies’ social media accounts, etc. The only products promoted in the group are from the business that runs the group.

Let me break this down for you even more:

An online retail shop pays to advertise a free Facebook group open to anyone to join who has an interest in stones and crystals. People then come and join the group – 727,000 people have done this so far. Once they’re immersed in the group, the only business visible in the group is the one who runs it. This online retail shop fosters a 727,000 member group of potential leads and controls everything that everyone in that group sees, including the products posted in the group. That is how you turn your brand into an entire community. That’s what makes this one of the most powerful 2019 marketing trends.

Community marketing is already happening, and will continue to become more popular in 2019. Brands are a thing of the past; now it’s all about the type of community you’re creating with your company. What type of people do you bring together? How do you empower these people? How do your products foster the community you’re creating with your brand? When you make people feel as if they’re an important, valued part of a group, they’ll stick around. They’re more likely to buy from you, creating brand loyalty. Make your brand all about being a part of a larger community and you’ll see boosted sales in no time.

Power to the Customer

It’s not your show anymore. Your business is no longer center stage; your products/services aren’t even center stage. So what’s taken over the limelight? Your customer.

Hasn’t it always been about the customer? Yes, to an extent. But really, pre-Internet Age, you generally went to buy things from the stores closest and most convenient to you. However, now we have the internet and customers can buy anything they want from anywhere they want with just a few clicks. They can have their items delivered in hours to their homes. They’ve got options and now just having a great product isn’t enough.

How do companies compete in this customer-centric world? As you develop your brand, keep in mind that it’s not about the product, it’s about the customer. How does your product improve your customer’s life? People don’t want to read about the benefits of your products and be made to connect the dots on how your product would improve their life if they bought it. They want to cut out the bullshit and get to the chase. Keep the focus on your customers and you’ll find some happy, loyal fans of your products. Talk about the benefits of buying your products to the customers, instead of focusing on the overall benefits of your products.

Make your customers feel important, valued and not just one of a million – make them feel like one-in-a-million. Listen to their wants and needs. Respond to messages, emails, comments, etc. from customers on your social media channels. Make products for your customers, instead of having your customers adjust to your products. And keep in mind: there’s nothing stopping them from shopping elsewhere.

Implementing 2019 Marketing Trends in your Current Strategy

Above I identified some of the biggest 2019 marketing trends and some ways you can start to implement these trends into your existing marketing strategy. Before I leave you to your own devices, I want to leave you with some tips for implementing these trends from Ryan Deiss, the founder and CEO of Digital Marketer and sum up much of what I touch on in this article:

  1. Show up: Go where your customers are… even if it isn’t convenient for you.
  2. Redefine your business: Stop defining your business based on what you sell. Instead, start by defining your business by WHO you serve. It is nearly impossible to build a community if your business isn’t defined by a who.
  3. Know your customer and their journey: The marketers who will win in the future are the marketers who make their customers feel truly understood.
  4. Know your role: Recognize that your customer is the hero and you’re the guide. Your customer is Luke and you’re Yoda. Your customer is Katniss and you’re Haymitch.

If you want your business to thrive in 2019, invest in and implement the biggest 2019 marketing trends mentioned above. Applying the information in this article will help you capitalize on some of the big shifts of marketing in 2019. Prepare for the future of marketing and watch your business flourish.

If you need further help implementing these marketing strategies, reach out to our team at Mobile Mind Agency. Located at the heart of South Jersey in Ocean City, NJ, our experts will have your company branded and booming in no time. Contact us at anytime for a free quote for any of our digital marketing services.