Using Facebook Ads To Boost Your Local Business

Using FB ads to Promote Business in Local Area

It might feel like you need to hire professionals to create and run your Facebook ads, but we’ll be honest with you: it doesn’t take a professional to create and run an ad. All you need is a basic understanding, a little time to become familiar with your Ads Manager and the motivation to grow your business in the local area.

Why should you invest in Facebook ads?

Why should you invest in Facebook ads at all? Well, it doesn’t take an expert to tell you that maintaining an online presence is extremely important for your business, especially if you are a seasonal, small business owner. You want to invest your advertising dollars in places that will give you a return, and Facebook is truly the way to go. Most people these days have a Facebook page they use regularly. With recent updates, your Business Page’s posts show up in less and less newsfeeds. Nowadays, if you really want your content and business seen, you have to shell out some money for Facebook ads.

However, you don’t have to shell out thousands to get a good return. All you need is some creativity and a well targeted ad. A Facebook ad optimized for landing page views will generally have a lower cost per click than an ad that is optimized for conversions. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck at the cheapest cost possible, you’ll want to consider your options and experiment with different types of ads to see what gets you the greatest return at the lowest possible cost.

Facebook does the work for you

As opposed to an ad in a newspaper, Facebook ads also give you a visual way to showcase your business and attract new customers. I’m much more inclined to check out a new restaurant when I see high-quality photographs of mouth-watering menu items as opposed to just reading what ingredients are in each menu item, or pictures of the outside of the restaurant. Facebook ads give you a way to really dial in and target your ideal customers in an extremely personalized way. Plus, Facebook ads do the leg work for you once they are optimized – Facebook puts your ads in front of the right people, learns who to put it in front of for you and then re-targets those people, making these people much more likely to become customers.

This might sound really generous on Facebook’s end and almost too good to be true. But here’s the thing: Facebook wants your ads to perform well and get you results because they want you to spend more money running ads on their platform. If their ads didn’t do well, what would entice you to spend more for more ads? Absolutely nothing. Use this to your advantage when creating Facebook ads and feel confident in knowing that even though you may be a beginner now, Facebook will help you learn how to make and run the best ads for your business.

Take advantage of promotions

If you’re hesitant to shell out any money for Facebook ads at the moment, wait until Facebook sends you an email about giving you X amount of money to spend toward ads on their platform. They will do this every so often and when they do, you should absolutely take advantage of it because why not? It’s free advertising dollars, after all. You can use this opportunity to play around with your Ads Manager and learning more about creating successful ad campaigns.

And if you want even more help, Facebook even has on-call support specialists you can use to help you create killer Facebook ads for your business. One of the best ways to learn ads is by modeling your ads on ads you’ve seen for other businesses similar to yours in the local area, especially if their ads are performing well. Once you get a base knowledge of Facebook ads down and they start working for you, then you can dive in, get even more dialed into your audience and play around with more creative ad ideas.

Targeting the right audience

Truly, the hardest part of creating a Facebook ad is targeting the right audience for your business. As a business owner, you should already have a good understanding of your audience make up – use this knowledge to create a Facebook ad audience. The best thing about ads is you can create campaigns to target different audience interests.

For example, I have a client I’m currently running Facebook ads for. The most successful ad I’ve run for them is by putting their product, a healthy pecan butter, in front of an audience interested in the keto diet, since their product is delicious and keto-friendly. By doing this, I’ve expanded their audience and have successfully put their product in front of people who may have never seen their ad otherwise. Experiment with targeting different audiences, do some split-testing and create lookalike audiences to see what gets you the most return. Once you have this down pat, you’ll see new customers rolling in and staying.

Ask for help when all else fails

Good luck and may your Facebook ads be ever in your favor! If you’ve already tried running Facebook ads without any luck, you might just need a little help. First, check out our free mini-course on creating and executing Facebook ads: watch the four short tutorial videos here. Then, contact the marketing professionals at Mobile Mind Agency – we’ll have ads up and performing for you in no time. Reach out today for a free quote for any of our digital marketing services. Proudly serving all local business owners in the South Jersey area and beyond.