One Extra Hour Creates Experts

Imagine what you could accomplish if you just spent one extra hour per day enhancing a skill.

That’s cutting one extra hour of playing video games, or staying up an extra hour in the evening. It’s waking up an hour early or watching TV for one less hour. On a small scale, one hour doesn’t seem like much.

However, when you add up that extra hour every day over time, it turns into something huge.

Earl Nightingale once said that spending one extra hour per day enhancing a specific skill over five years will make you an expert in your industry. When you put it that way, one extra hour suddenly seems huge.

The small things in your life add up in a major way. And the only one to have control over the trajectory of your life is you. Because see, it’s not just the little positive things that add up in a major way over time. No, unfortunately, life does not discriminate in that way. It’s both the good and bad habits done every day that impact your life in the long-run. Eating junk food every day adds up to extra pounds over time. Smoking a cigarette each day leads to detrimental effects on your health. The things you do each day affect your entire life.

When you do something consistently over time, you change your life. Now this change might be for better or worse, but the habits you create every day add up over time and alter the course of your life. Be conscious of the decisions you’re making. Be sure to spend all of your time wisely. Push yourself to spend more time on the things you love to do. In no time, your life will be changing in major ways, hopefully for the better.

How do you want to change your life today?

How will you spend your extra hour each day? Remember, start today and in five years, you can be an expert in the field of your choice. Check out the video above to see how Joe lives by this motto and what it’s done for his life. Then, check out our Youtube channel for more motivational videos from Joe. Or, contact us anytime for a quote for any of our marketing services.