You Are in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life

You are in the driver’s seat of your life. You might be tired of hearing this, it might seem cliche, but everyone needs to be reminded of this little tidbit once in a while. Life is stressful and full of obstacles. It doesn’t always go the way you imagined. But no matter what happens, remember: you are in complete control of every single thing you do in life. Not your parents, not your friends, or your significant other; you.

If you’re not where you want to be in life at this very moment, it’s your own fault.

Yes, we’ll be very blunt with you. If you don’t like it, well, I suggest exiting out of this blog post right now. If your feelings are hurt, remember: the truth hurts. And if that caused an emotional response from you it’s because you know it’s true; deep down, you know you’re not actively taking control of your life. You’re driving the car, but you’ve got it on cruise control while you take a nap. And when you run into the back of another car, you ask: “What happened?” When you’ve been sitting in that car called life for what seems like hours, you ask: “Am I there yet?” Well, what did you think was going to happen? Isn’t it obvious why you haven’t arrived at your destination yet? No, you’re not there. At this rate, it’s going to be a while…

Some situations occur, or circumstances happen, which are not in your control. Nevertheless, they still profoundly impact your life. You can’t always control the situations and circumstances in your life directly, but you are in control of how you react to these obstacles that inevitably come up. Are you going to let these situations build you up or tear you down? Will you come out on top, or live at rock bottom?

Stop making excuses for why you’re not where you want to be at this very moment.

Now is the time, you are the driver, your business is the tool. Use it, build it, leverage it and own it. Reflect on your goals, write them down and keep these in your pocket to motivate you. Ruminate on where you are in your life currently. Then, visualize where you want to be – see how to get there, step by step. Be proactive, take action and live those steps you just imagined. Get yourself out of this slump, put your mind to it and grind. Drive. Make your goals happen, make your dream life happen.

Put the pedal to the metal. It’s all up to you; it’s all in your control. Stop making excuses and make like Nike: just do it. How’s that for cliche?

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