Cross Posting: A Must For Content Leverage

Maximize your content by posting to more social channels

If you’re a company that produces content, you probably want it seen by as many people as possible. Rest assured, this can be accomplished. Sure, SEO is one tactic to maximize content. But how about good old fashion, putting it in more places? Think about how you would maximize your local business presence; you would talk to more people. Put your business cards in more places. Open the door to more partnerships.

There’s a keyword here: more. More platforms, more views, more potential prospects.

There is no reason to not share your content on all your social media sites. Think about it: If you create some content, and you post it only to your Facebook page, your Instagram followers will be (and feel) out of the loop. That segregates your following, and makes it look like you’re not trying hard enough to engage. Believe us, efforts to engage with your audience are noticed and appreciated by potential customers.

Plus, when you post a specific blog to Facebook, and then post a totally random picture on Instagram, your strategy is out of sync. It is so important to streamline a marketing strategy. You want to function like a well-oiled machine, right? It’s frustrating to your followers when they see completely different things on your different social platforms. It’s hard to follow.

You have a lot of different platforms available for content publication: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram. If you’re thinking about how you can take something like a long blog and condense it into a tweet; it’s easier than you think. Just write a synopsis and link to the full piece of content. You can tailor your content to fit any kind of platform, and direct your prospects where to find more relevant information by providing links.

Blogging offers a way to present your ideas in written form. Instagram is all visual, but you can provide a snippet of whatever you’re trying to say, a relevant picture, and then link to the longer piece of content.

See how that’s already starting to sync up? Wherever your prospects see your content, they can be taken to another platform by clicking a link. Whichever platform they end up on, they will see your content. You should strive to create this spider web affect for all your content.

From your blog post, create a Youtube video. Have someone charming and good-looking (just kidding) give a synopsis of your idea, and then include a link to your blog under the video. Provide access to your other social networking sites at the bottom of the page. Videos work extremely well because many people are visual learners. Plus it gives a face to your company.

Think about Snapchat, too. Most companies don’t see content potential here. But if people are following your content, they’ll understand that whatever you’re posting this day or this week correlates with the original topic you’ve posted about. Nothing wrong with doing a snap here and there to encapsulate the spirit of your messages. For example, if you’re focusing on the topic of logos that specific day, start snap-chatting pictures of logos. Maybe there’s one on your shirt. On your dogs collar. On your work computer. On the restaurant you go to for lunch. These snaps will only reiterate the subject matter you’re trying to get across, and they’ll also be super entertaining for your more visual followers.

If you’ve created great content, there’s no reason you shouldn’t want to spread it out. Cross posting on social media syncs up your entire content strategy, cuts back on the amount of work you have to do, and, most importantly, it gets your content out there in different ways. That is ideal because, guess what? People are on different mediums.

So your blog posts can be written, pictures and videos can be taken with your phone, and all of these things can be posted with a simple click. We promise you will feel way more at ease knowing the content you’ve worked hard on is traveling through cyberspace, available to any prospect on any medium.

Not sure where to start with cross-posting your content? Contact Mobile Minds Agency and we’ll get you started with a killer strategy and give you some insight into your entire marketing plan.