Imagine visiting your friends house for dinner and seeing that his entire house is equiped with technology from 1895. The sink is odd.... clunky and unreliable. He keeps shoveling coal into stove and as you sit down at his table he informs you that dinner will just be a couple hours, he’s just got to head out and grind some flour for the bread.
Let’s be real here, this is how a lot of your visitors and potential customers feel when they visit your ”website“ - it’s hard to navigate, it feels far from modern, it takes FOREVER to load and let’s not even get started with what it looks like on mobile. A lot of users probably click away for this reason. Actually, research shows that if your site doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less it gets clicked away from. Don’t be that website. Get in touch with us. We specialize in helping local businesses and entrepenurs find a digital home that’s easy to use, feels great and works like a champ to bring you leads!

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