Here’s a rookie mistake: thinking that the only visual asset your brand needs is a logo. Think about this - what if every mailer you recieved from Big Lots looked like it came from a different company. What if McDonalds used a different font for each menu item? Or, on a more drastic level, what if every time you ate dinner with your mom she spoke in a different language. That’s weird right? And it sure makes for a rough “conversation̋” every time you interact with her.
We encourage our clients to think of their brand from this perspective. It’s important that your customers and clients know what to expect each time they come to you. In that sense, we take a holistic approach when designing for our clients. We like to think of a logo as just one deliverable at the end of a process. We take time to make sure we’re a good fit for each other and that we fully understand your brand or company before we even put pen to paper (or... mouse to screen... or... click computer?). We like to help your brand find its voice.

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