Make it Personal: Molding your Business Personality

Just like a person, your business needs its own personality to show customers who you are and what you’re about.

Of course, you want this personality to be friendly and welcoming to gain customers, but it can vary greatly based on the service/products you are providing. Your business’s personality is what your customers are going to think of when they see your business. Make it a voice they’ll remember! It’s important to create a unique personality that attracts customers and keeps them coming back (and even bringing their friends!).

You may now be asking yourself: where do I begin? When starting to create your brand’s personality, it’s helpful to think of your favorite brand and what makes their personality so compelling.

Let’s take Apple as an example. When you think about Apple, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most likely, you envisioned their logo: a very simple picture of an apple. A logo or mascot for a company doesn’t always need to be complicated to be memorable. Apple is known for being innovative and smart. They are also known for focusing on human emotion, which makes them appear as a sympathetic brand. Although their branding strategy is all about modernity, cleanliness and simplicity, it has a huge impact on their consumers by creating a dependable brand that consumers feel they can respect and trust. Instilling trust and respect in individuals drives up Apple’s product sales, making them a highly-demanded brand.

The first step in creating your business’s personality is knowing your demographic. This includes pinning down who your target audience is, their age, cultural preferences and traits, how they use your products and more. Using this information, you can create a personality that resonates with them. However, avoid turning your brand into a stereotype! You want your brand’s personality to be something consumers can aspire to, rather than write-off with pre-conceived judgements based on interactions they’ve had in the past with similar products/services. Think of Apple again: they inspire individuals to think big. Apple shows consumers that by using their products, they can turn their dreams into a reality. One of the simplest ways Apple does this is by featuring celebrities using their products in TV commercials.

Using a person, whether fictional or real, as the voice of your business can be crucial in creating your brand’s personality. Many fast food chains have mascots for their business, using these as the face of their businesses. For example, McDonald’s has Ronald McDonald. Burger King has The King. Wendy’s has sweet, freckle-faced Wendy smiling down as you eat. The Colonel is always featured in KFC commercials. When you see these mascots, you automatically associate them with their brands, creating an identity consumers remember.  Use this identity in videos, social media, print advertising, stores and every avenue you use to market your business.

Storytelling is also a great way to help shape your business personality. Giving customers a behind-the-scenes look at the company or sharing customer testimonials is a great way to start the storytelling process. Individuals love to relate these stories to their own lives and how a business’s products/services can impact them. For example, Lego used the Lego Movie to help shape their brand’s voice through storytelling. Basically, the movie is just one big advertisement for Lego that entertains viewers and tells a story through their product. After viewing the movie, consumers were eager to re-create the story they just witnessed or create their own with legos – converting movie-goers into Lego consumers. It’s not necessary to take your storytelling to this level, but it is helpful to create a story that people can relate to, helping them to understand what makes your business stand out.

Ultimately, consistency is the most important aspect in creating a personality for your business. You need to portray this personality through social media, TV and print advertisements and all other business communications. Customers want to relate to a brand. Remaining consistent will help individuals trust and respect you. Consumers will keep coming back to your business when they like your brand and the quality remains consistent over time.

Make your business’s personality ring across the market; create a strong, unique voice consumers will remember. Just stick to it and you’ll see results in the long-run for your business. If you’re stuck in a rut and not sure where to begin, Mobile Mind Agency can help you achieve the perfect business personality. Contact us and we’ll lead the way. After all, we build brands.