Building Your Reputation As a Start Up

Sometimes, when I need a break from the office and want to refresh my mind, I take a quick walk around the block (make even better because my office is located in a shore town). I take in the beautiful day around me. Taking a walk recharges me, relieves stress and gets me out of the office for a minute. All of these lead to doing better work on my end. Once I get back from my walk, I’m refreshed and ready to get back to work. I work harder, better and more efficiently after my walks, sustaining my business reputation for producing quality work.


When you’re in a rut and start slacking off a bit, get outside of the office to recharge your batteries. This is especially important if you’re just getting started with your business – your reputation is everything when you’re a start up. If you don’t produce high-quality work for every customer you have, if you don’t give 110% every single time, your reputation is on the line. Even if you slip up with just one customer, this will have a major impact on your business’s reputation. To build your reputation, you need to consistently perform above and beyond for every customer you have. Don’t get me wrong – you should be doing this all the time, for all your clients, no matter how long you’ve been in business. However, when you’re just starting out and are in those beginning stages, forming a quality business reputation is crucial. It will make or break you.

Give it 110%.

I’ll give you a little example from my personal life, which is why this idea is on the brain. Despite owning and running a successful marketing agency, I have another passion: restoring classic cars. I’m working on building a new business, Dickinson Classics, a restoration company focusing on high-end classic cars. I currently have one customer who lives in New Zealand; he goes through me to buy cars in the States, then I ship them to him in New Zealand. I’ve been doing a good amount of business with him, buying about free or four cars for him over the last few months.

I am making sure to go above and beyond for my first (and only) customer when it comes to sending quality cars. I over-deliver, and I know it. When he buys a car from me, instead of just sending him a car in the condition I buy it, I take care to fix it up for him ahead of time and make sure it is clean. For me, it’s worth taking this extra time and effort to check over the car because I’m building a reputation for myself and my new business. Right now, it’s crucial to build a good repertoire. My efforts are paying off. He sent me a text the other day telling me he’ll only buy cars from me in the future. He appreciates the time and effort I put into delivering quality cars. Because I over-deliver, give 110% into each transaction with him, this happened for me.

Your business reputation matters.

I’m telling you right now: if you’re starting a business and want to make things happen, you cannot give anything less than 110%. You need that mentality to make it. Do this and you’ll build a quality business reputation. Customers will fall in line. It’ll make all the difference.

How do I know it’ll make a huge difference? My marketing agency is almost three years old. Every single day, I work harder and harder for my clients because that’s what keeps people coming back to me. In the three years my agency has been open, we haven’t spent a single dime on advertising our business and our services. We’re fortunate that we don’t have to because of the reputation we’ve built and the word-of-mouth referrals we receive.

The bottom line.

Give it all you have, do good work and don’t slack off. If you feel like the quality of your work is slipping, take a quick break and save what you’re working on for later. People notice quality work, they want to do business with people who are willing to go above and beyond for them. That’s what going to make your business grow long-term.

Now, get out there and get to it.

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