How to Implement 2019 Marketing Trends in your Existing Strategy

Implementing 2019 Marketing Trends in your Existing Strategy

By Eliza Hunt | November 15,2018 |Branding,Marketing

In this article, we will answer: What are the key 2019 marketing trends? […]

Simple HACKS To Staying Disciplined

By Joe | October 2,2018 |Uncategorized

Hey y’all, so you know I’m a huge fan of shooting videos talking […]

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

By Eliza Hunt | September 27,2018 |Business,Lead Generation,Marketing,Social Media

Facebook Messenger bots might be the next big thing in the world of […]

Build an Email List to Retain More Customers

Build an Email List to Keep Customers Coming Back

By Eliza Hunt | September 18,2018 |Business,Emailing,Lead Generation,Marketing

Building an email list is essential, especially for small business owners. You want […]

Tips for Creating Copy that Actually Works

5 Tips for Creating Copy that Actually Works

By Eliza Hunt | September 12,2018 |Business,Marketing

Welcome to the digital age, where the rules are made up and your […]

Using FB ads to Promote Business in Local Area

Using Facebook Ads To Boost Your Local Business

By Eliza Hunt | September 10,2018 |Business,Marketing,Small Business Saturday,Social Media

It might feel like you need to hire professionals to create and run […]

What Can You Accomplish with One Extra Hour?

One Extra Hour Creates Experts

By Eliza Hunt | August 1,2018 |Self Improvement

Imagine what you could accomplish if you just spent one extra hour per […]

Be Relentless as an Entrepreneur - Work Harder SIgn

On Being Relentless as an Entrepreneur

By Eliza Hunt | July 12,2018 |Business,Self Improvement

Be relentless. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, strive to be one or you just […]

Solar Energy is the Future

California’s Solar Mandate is a Sign of Things to Come

By Eliza Hunt | July 5,2018 |Solar Energy Industry

Solar power is on the rise! Now more affordable and more efficient than […]

Take A Step Forward

Taking One Step Forward – Never Give Up

By Eliza Hunt | |Business,Marketing,Self Improvement

Lately, I’ve been thinking about this great quote I saw recently from Thomas […]

The Work Hard Mindset

The WORK HARD Mindset – What’s Your Why?

By Eliza Hunt | |Business,Marketing,Self Improvement

Sometimes, you take a break from your work and go outside, just to […]

Pique and Point: How to Sell Effectively

Pique and Point: What You Need to Know to Sell Effectively

By Eliza Hunt | June 27,2018 |Business,Marketing,Network Marketing/MLM

Whether you’re in an MLM, you’re an entrepreneur or a network marketer, you […]

Effective Time Management

You Have More Time Than You Think

By Eliza Hunt | June 21,2018 |Business,Self Improvement

Do you ever just look at everything you have to do and think: […]

Keep Calm and Crush the Day

Before You Speak, Calm Down

By Eliza Hunt | |Business,Self Improvement

Sometimes, all it takes is a little patience to make the difference in […]

Working HARDER on Fridays

Working HARDER on Fridays

By Eliza Hunt | June 15,2018 |Business,Self Improvement

I’ve been working hard all week. So, why should I work harder on […]

Two men shaking hands, building business reputation

Building Your Reputation As a Start Up

By Eliza Hunt | June 13,2018 |Uncategorized

Sometimes, when I need a break from the office and want to refresh […]

Want to make your website design really POP for visitors? Check out these quick tips for improving your website design overnight!

3 Ways to Make Your Website POP

By Eliza Hunt | June 12,2018 |Branding,Business,Marketing

When you come across a website you love, you’re instantly impressed. Wow – […]

For businesses, generating customers is the number one goal. This is the power of giveaways: building a list of contact information for customers.

The Power of a Perfect Giveaway

By Eliza Hunt | June 8,2018 |Lead Generation

For businesses large and small, generating customers is the number one goal. To […]

Constructing Facebook ads can be a little tricky. Especially when it comes to selecting the image to use. Make your image eye-catching, simple with limited text and something that communicates your brand and business effectively.

Selecting the Right Facebook Ad Image

By Eliza Hunt | |Marketing,Social Media

Facebook ads are a little tricky to understand how to get the most […]

Graphic that says, "Good things come to those who wait, but the best things come to those who do."

Remember: Small Things Add Up

By Eliza Hunt | |Self Improvement

You know how the saying goes: the small things add up. Like brushing […]

Graphic that says, "Do something awesome right now."

Turn your SHOULDs into MUSTs

By Eliza Hunt | |Self Improvement

The other night, I was finishing my workout at the gym. I thought: […]

Woman with hands behind head in front of computer screen reading "Well Done."

Doing It Right the First Time

By Eliza Hunt | March 19,2018 |Business,Self Improvement,Small Business Saturday

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” Whether you’re in private […]

Notepad and pen on desk.

Create Structure, Boost Productivity

By Eliza Hunt | |Business,Small Business Saturday

How do you boost productivity in the workplace? Gaining clarity on what steps […]

Woman looking up at mountain in fog

Success is a Mountain’s Peak, a Valley’s Dip

By Eliza Hunt | March 16,2018 |Business,Self Improvement,Small Business Saturday

In business, as in life, you will traverse mountains and valleys. When you’re […]

Crumpled paper on keyboard with pen

The Art of Embracing Failure

By Eliza Hunt | |Business,Self Improvement

Be prepared and embrace failure. Whether you’re starting a new business, applying for […]

You are in the driver’s seat of your life. You might be tired of hearing this, it might seem cliche, but everyone needs to be reminded of this little tidbit once in a while. Life is stressful and full of obstacles. It doesn’t always go the way you imagined.

You Are in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life

By Eliza Hunt | March 14,2018 |Branding,Business,Marketing,Small Business Saturday

You are in the driver’s seat of your life. You might be tired […]

5 Low-Cost Marketing Tactics for Your Small Business

By Joe | March 7,2018 |Uncategorized

One of the first things small businesses aim to implement is a good […]

You're not going out of business. Your business is a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air. All it needs is manpower, tools and today's technology to be revamped and beautiful again. Just like your business.

You’re Not Going Out of Business

By Eliza Hunt | |Branding,Business,Marketing,Small Business Saturday,Social Media

You’re not going out of business. You will save it. Here’s why: You’ve […]

The World Is Your Oyster For Marketing

By Joe | February 26,2018 |Uncategorized

  Ten years ago, you would have had to put out a decent […]

Make Choices That Support Positive Living

By Joe | February 20,2018 |Uncategorized

The movement towards healthy, positive living is strong these days – and for […]

You Can Handle It: Take the Risk for Personal Success

By Joe | February 12,2018 |Self Improvement

  Our comfort zone is a comfy place. We don’t like to leave […]

Good Business: Over Deliver and Network

By Joe | February 7,2018 |Branding,Marketing

Most companies in their starting years will overcharge for their services. Because they […]

Why Your Company Needs Business Cards

By Joe | February 6,2018 |Branding,Marketing

  Imagine a conversation. You’re speaking to someone about this awesome new business […]

Netflix to Increase Their Marketing Budget

By Joe | February 5,2018 |Branding,Marketing,Social Media

  Netflix has just announced that it will increase it’s marketing budget to […]

Long Lists are Detrimental to Your Business Plan

By Joe | January 30,2018 |Branding,Marketing

  Here’s why long lists are nonsense and affect our productivity negatively … […]

How to Stay Fired Up and Maintain Motivation

By Joe | January 23,2018 |Branding,Marketing

We like to stay fired up around here. And we recommend you do […]

Good Content Needs Good Writing

By Joe | January 18,2018 |Branding,Marketing

We all know content creation is essential to a marketing strategy .. but […]

Starting A Business is Easier Than You Think

By Joe | January 17,2018 |Uncategorized

  The logistics of starting a business are way too over-hyped. Starting a […]

Not sure how to find the right marketing agency for your small business? Check out these tips on how to qualify the right marketing agency for your business.

How to Find the Perfect Marketing Agency for your Small Business

By Eliza Hunt | January 16,2018 |Marketing,Small Business Saturday

Finding the right marketing agency for your small business can be tricky. You […]

There are ways to save money and market your business/brand on a budget.

Market your Brand Without Breaking the Bank

By Eliza Hunt | |Branding,Marketing,Small Business Saturday,Social Media

I work for a marketing company that offers services to small business owners […]

Learn how to create video content and keep your brand consistent across social media platforms to boost brand awareness and customer engagement with your business/brand.

A Beginner’s Guide on Releasing Video Content

By Eliza Hunt | January 12,2018 |Branding,Marketing,Social Media

You’re reading this because you want to learn how to release video content […]

The Benefits Of A Mail Tracking System

By Joe | January 10,2018 |Uncategorized

Writing, creating and sending out emails to your client base is a chore. […]

6 Instagram Marketing Tips For Instant Success

By Joe | January 8,2018 |Social Media,Uncategorized

Instagram, like Facebook and Snapchat and Twitter, is a social media empire completely […]

Write it Down and Fulfill Your 2018 Goals

By Eliza Hunt | January 3,2018 |Marketing

Let’s face it: fulfilling your new year’s resolutions is tough. Every year, you […]

Keep Momentum Alive as a Business Owner

By Eliza Hunt | |Uncategorized

When you own and run your own business, there are so many positive […]

What Makes A Good Company Logo?

By Joe | December 22,2017 |Branding,Marketing

Most everyone knows the Nike symbol. Why? Because it’s classic. It’s simple. It’s […]

Cross Posting: A Must For Content Leverage

By Joe | December 21,2017 |Marketing,Social Media

Maximize your content by posting to more social channels If you’re a company […]

Facebook will demote engagement bait posts to reduce the spread of spammy, sensational or misleading information beginning this week.

Facebook Cracks Down on Engagement Bait

By Eliza Hunt | December 20,2017 |Marketing,Social Media

You might be wondering: what is engagement bait? Why is Facebook “cracking down” […]

Take A Look at the trendiest businesses of 2017. Will these continue into 2018?

2017 Business Trends: Year in Review

By Eliza Hunt | December 19,2017 |Branding,Marketing

If you’re looking to start a business in 2018, your best bet is […]

Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

Small Business Saturday: Social Media Marketing Tips

By Eliza Hunt | June 9,2017 |Branding,Marketing,Small Business Saturday

Working for a marketing agency, I get asked for advice on social media […]

Online reviews are an integral part of a small business's success.

Small Business Saturday: Online Reviews Matter

By Eliza Hunt | April 21,2017 |Small Business Saturday

Humans are social beings. We love to talk to each other, seeking validation […]

Network Marketing Industry Growth Continues for Seventh Year

Network Marketing Industry Growth Continues

By Eliza Hunt | |Marketing,Network Marketing/MLM

Network marketing is growing in the global economy – are you growing with […]

Cheerios’ “Bring Back the Bees” Campaign Goes Viral

By Eliza Hunt | March 23,2017 |Branding,Marketing

Last week, General Mills won the internet. They took it by storm with the release […]

Learn how to create a personality for your business.

Make it Personal: Molding your Business Personality

By Eliza Hunt | February 27,2017 |Branding,Marketing

Just like a person, your business needs its own personality to show customers […]

On Branding: Keeping It Consistent

On Branding: Keeping It Consistent

By Joe | February 14,2017 |Branding

Of course it’s nice to change things up over time, but one thing […]

How to begin conceptualizing a branding strategy for your small business

Why is Small Business Marketing CRUCIAL for Success?

By Joe | February 7,2017 |Marketing

Let’s face it – we live in a much busier world than before […]

The 4 Dos and Don'ts of Email Etiquette for your Business

The 4 Dos and Don’ts of Email Etiquette for your Business

By Joe | |Emailing

Businesses thrive on email communication. Whether it’s an email marketing campaign, providing support […]

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