6 Instagram Marketing Tips For Instant Success

Instagram, like Facebook and Snapchat and Twitter, is a social media empire completely unto itself. And just like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, it has a distinct set of guidelines and recommended practices for companies looking to market on it.

First and foremost, let’s describe what Instagram is.

That little rainbow camera icon that your daughter is pressing every 10 seconds? That’s Instagram. It is one of the most used photo-sharing apps available today. People cannot stay way from Instagram. It’s endless stream of pictures is so wonderfully addicting. It’s a world of color, image, creativity and personalized photo sharing. It’s pretty self explanatory to teach a person how to use instagram. You simply post pictures you want to post. But a company has it a little tougher.

You are representing your business on this app, which houses infinite amounts of potential leads, buyers and lifelong fans. Your job is to get them interested in your posts. Your brand. You want to be strategic in how you present yourself; it could make the difference between a second look and a complete dismissal by prospects.

So we’re going to give you our top 6 key tips for marketing your business on Instagram…

1. Hashtags – You’ve probably heard of these before, but there is a real science behind using hashtags.

#. That is the hashtag.

They are essentially labels for your pictures, and make it easier for interested people to find you. But there are some suggested practices for hashtags..  For example, you can’t label everything. It’s all too tempting to #hashtag your #marketingstrategy as you #write it with #pencil and #paper. This is visually unpleasant and highlights an inexperience with digital marketing. Depending on the look you’re going for, we’re pretty sure you don’t want to be viewed as inexperienced.

Always keep your hashtags relevant (#instagramtips #instagrammarketing), don’t go too overboard (#don’t #go #overboard #cool), and you should be reeling in those interested prospects in a matter of minutes. #instagramstrategy


2. Switch it Up – Instagram isn’t necessarily stuffy. You can allow your creative juices to flow through this medium. Post pictures of your products, your team, current projects, projects in motion. Post things that inspire you. People like to see your professional work, but they also want to know what you’re all about. You want the spirit of your company to shine through. What are you all about? Where are you headed? What are you trying to accomplish? Be authentic. Be relatable. And your followers will authentically relate to you. They want to go on this journey with you. So take some creative risks. Post some daring, original content. You’ll be surprised at how embraced it is on Instagram.

3. Who To Follow – Don’t go follow crazy. It’s a trap; seeing all your favorite musicians and celebrities on Instagram. It’s too easy to hit the “follow” button for everyone you like. But remember: you are building a relevant, professional network. Don’t make your company’s Instagram personal. Follow other entrepreneurs, follow business inspiration, follow people you’ve worked with. Network, essentially.

Also stay local. Even though you’re aiming to become the next Louis Vuitton with your handbag company, don’t act like you have already achieved that kind of status. You want to fully engage with the community around you. If you try to place yourself above that, you won’t receive nearly as much support. Plus, there are so many local opportunities and organizations trying to accomplish the same things you are! Work together. #smallbusiness


4. Use “Bio” Section Strategically – The bio section of your Instagram profile allows for a picture, a blurb about your company, and a space for a link. Take advantage of this. It’s the first thing people see when they bring up your Instagram account.

Create a catchy and direct line that provides just enough information about your company. If you’re a handbag company, you could say “Fashionable, hand-knit bags for the woman on the go.” If you’re a freelance coder, you could say “I speak tech. Let’s build something.” Use an already established slogan if you have one. The point is, make it your own, and do it in 150 characters or less. Because that’s the space you’re working with.

Another great benefit your bio section offers is the hyperlink area. Paste whatever you want there. Maybe your company website. Maybe the charity you’re currently promoting. Maybe your latest blog post. This section is changeable so you should certainly take advantage of it.

5. Link Up – Link together your Instagram and Facebook. First of all, why not? Cross-posting your content is so valuable. But second of all, Faceook now owns Instagram. So these two are sort of like peanut butter and jelly now.It would be challenging to use one without the other. But this is a pairing that will work wonders for social media content, seeing as how Facebook and Instagram are two of the largest social media networks. And it will allow followers on both of your platforms to see your content, and to share it back and forth.


6. Incorporate Videos – This is a must, but it wasn’t always. Videos are becoming so much more prominent in content, and marketing in general. Collective attention spans are getting smaller and smaller, but we are also more easily able to find and tune in to strictly the most quality content (in our eyes). Videos provide such a quick, to-the-point message. It’s real-time footage, which is so appealing to viewers. Plus it’s more personable. There are a ton of free, easy-to-use video editing tools out there today! Lights, camera, action on your company!

Instagram is a wonderfully open, lucrative social media outlet. There is plenty of opportunity for your company here; all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to really take advantage of this network and engage with your followers!

If you need some help setting up a doable and effective social media strategy, Mobile Mind Agency would be happy to help! Contact one of our online marketing experts and we’ll get you standing out in the social media sphere in no time. Contact us today!