3 Ways to Make Your Website POP

When you come across a website you love, you’re instantly impressed. Wow – it makes you want to explore their entire site to unlock the secret to their aesthetically-pleasing design. Maybe you’re wondering how you can also create a website that wows those who stumble across it. It might seem like a lot of work, or difficult to do, but the reality is: making a website that pops for visitors is simple. Anyone can do it. It isn’t rocket science, and you don’t need to be the most creative person you know to achieve a nice website. It’s less in the small details of the site and more in the delivery of it. Keep in mind these simple steps when deciding on a website design.


Professional Graphics.

No matter which platform you’re using for your website, there’s one thing that, without a doubt, will improve your website design. Professionally-created graphics are key to a clean website that impresses visitors. Professional graphics include professionally-edited, high-quality photos, a high-quality business logo image and any supporting graphics visible on your site.

Your site should include graphics on every page throughout your website. The internet is a visual platform for information. Visitors won’t wade through text-heavy pages and paragraphs to find the information they’re seeking. They will leave your site and go look elsewhere for those same products/services. Graphics highlight certain information and direct visitors to certain aspects of a page without cluttering the site with text.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer yet, use stock photos from a website like Pixabay, Shutterstock or Storyblocks. Make quick edits in Photoshop, or a similar program. Enlist help from a friend interested in photography and/or photo-editing. You’re capable of producing quality results with a small budget. You can make just about anything work well if you’re determined, know what you want and have an eye for style.


Simple, Clean Layout.

Do not make your website too complicated to navigate for visitors. This is the worst thing you can do for your business. You’ll turn potential customers away. Don’t load your website with unnecessary information or gaudy graphics. Keep it simple; opt for a clean, sleek look. Visitors appreciate a clean aesthetic when searching your site for information. Make your top navigation bar straight-forward. Also, have all pages throughout your website contain only the necessary amount of information. Cut down on the amount of information communicated at one time on each page – a busy page is a messy page. Not only does a busy website turn away visitors, it also discourages them from becoming customers. First impressions are everything!

If visitors want more information beyond what your website communicates, have your contact information easily accessible. This way, potential customers can either email you or call to ask questions your site leaves unanswered.


Get to the Point.

This ties in with my above point. Don’t dance around the point of your website – get to it! A well-designed website is great, but if potential customers can’t find the information they need about your products/services, your website is ineffective. This turns away potential business. Your website makes information about your business and products/services readily available for potential customers. So, don’t make visitors go through hoops and bounds to find the information they’re seeking – just get to it already.

Important information should be conveniently located on your homepage and very easy to find. Generally, include important information near the top, so your visitors aren’t scrolling for ages to find relevant information. Make sure your top navigation lays out the pages on your website in a user-friendly way. Your homepage should be a nice summary of your business, and lead visitors to important pages on the rest of your website. Dedicate a page to your business’s location, hours of operation and contact information if someone would like more information from you.

Once you have an overall, clean layout pinned down for your site, worry about the small details like pops of color and simple animations. However, the small details don’t matter if your site is busy, distracting and hard-to-navigate. First, focus on producing clean, high-quality graphics for your site, a simple layout that is easily navigable and readily displaying all important information on your website pages. Once you have the meat of your site complete, hone in on the details. But, don’t overthink or get carried away! In this day and age, less is more, especially when it comes to website design. Tweak your website in the future as you see fit.

Need Website Design Help?

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