California’s Solar Mandate is a Sign of Things to Come

Solar power is on the rise! Now more affordable and more efficient than ever before, solar energy is making waves thanks to the increased viability of owning solar panels. California is even taking the solar revolution one step further. The state legislature approved a plan requiring that new homes have rooftop solar panels starting in 2020.

The Future of Solar Energy

Sunny California has the fifth largest economy in the world, with the largest population of any U.S. state. This means BIG news for the solar industry. With almost 40 million inhabitants, California’s decision to require solar panels on all new houses creates a huge boon for the solar industry. Although critics of the measure are quick to point out this mandate increases the average home cost by $9,500, proponents argue these costs will be offset by the long-term energy savings of the solar panels.

According to the California Building Industry Association, only around 20% of single-family homes built in California currently have solar panels installed. Although seven cities in the state have solar mandates for new buildings already in place, the new statewide mandate is a historic decision majorly impacting the solar industry, in a good way.

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