Pique and Point: What You Need to Know to Sell Effectively

Whether you’re in an MLM, you’re an entrepreneur or a network marketer, you need to understand the pique and point model. Period. This is the bread and butter for marketing your products/business to others.

Stop the Word Vomit

When I was 19 years old, I become involved with a network marketing company, my first taste of entrepreneurship. I had NO idea what I was doing. I had heard the phrase pique and point before, but I never understood what it really meant. Hindsight is 20/20; looking back, I would’ve closed a lot more sales if I had a good understanding of this concept.

I did what most people do when starting out in the network marketing industry: I got involved with a company and was super excited about the opportunity, so I told all my friends about it. I’d tell them a bit about the business, my friend would ask a question, then the worst thing happened: WORD VOMIT. I smacked my friends in the face with this ugly, wordy, gross sales pitch. It was jumbled and confusing because I didn’t really know what I was talking about quite yet. Subsequently, I annoyed my friend, they told me I was an idiot or that I was involved in a scam.

At this point, most people become discouraged and quit. If this is you, don’t give up that easily; apply this pique and point model to your sales pitch instead.

The Art of Pique and Point

It’s simple: pique interest, point to a professional resource.

Begin the discussion with a friend with a one-liner. Something that’s going to make your friends say, “What are you talking about?” or “What is it that you’re doing?” You’ve just successfully piqued your friend’s interest. Perfect!

Now, point them to a resource. Don’t do anymore talking; you don’t need to call your friend and hound them about the opportunity, because you might not be able to fully explain everything yet.  Just direct their attention to a website, video, or some type of professionally-created resource that provides enough information in an enticing way for my friend. I want my friend to say, “Hey, here’s some feedback about this,” or “Hey, this looks really interesting.” Only then should you bring the conversation into the closing phase, answer your friend’s questions, etc. Let the professional resource do the selling for you, you just work on piquing interest and getting people through the door, open to listening and learning more about your business/products.

Some of those who do the best in this industry live by this model – it’s all they do! They pique interest, point to a resource and they’re done. They don’t keep talking and hounding someone about it because they’re smart – they let others come to them.

Quite honestly, the point and pique model makes your life easier. Pique interest, point to a resource, done. If the resource does a good job, you’re going to make it happen. Now go out there and start piquing interest, STAT!