Selecting the Right Facebook Ad Image

Facebook ads are a little tricky to understand how to get the most bang for your buck. We get a lot of questions from clients all the time: what am I supposed to be posting? What Facebook ad image should I use? First, take a deep breath and a moment to relax. It’ll be okay, you will get your ad going and performing at its peak. It will take a couple months to really get your ads ripping and to start seeing a dramatic increase in traffic to your website, but it will happen for you if you’re patient.

One important part of your Facebook ad is the image or graphic you decide to use when constructing it. If you’re a little stuck on which image you should be using, read the following tips to gain a little more insight into picking the right image/graphic for your ad:

  • Limit image text – keep it under 20%

Honestly, if you can post a graphic without any text on it, that is ideal. Facebook will accept photos with text on them, but limit it to 20% or less of your entire graphic to get the most bang for your buck. Otherwise, Facebook will limit the audience your ad is shown to, which means you’ll end up paying more money for the same amount of engagement as an ad featuring a graphic without text. A small logo in the graphic is the most ideal route to go – you can communicate the information you need to in the caption of your ad.

  • Make it eye-catching

You want your graphic to catch someone’s attention as they’re scrolling through their feed. Whether that’s done through your caption copy or purely the image alone, you want your graphic to be strong and catch someone’s attention. It should make them stop scrolling and read your caption to figure out what you’re promoting at the very least, even if they don’t end up clicking on anything or engaging with your business.

  • Videos perform best

Videos outperform any other type of post on Facebook, always. If you can, create a short video (40 seconds or less) for your Facebook ad. You’ll grab many more people’s attention on Facebook as their scrolling through their feed. Once you have their attention, it’s up to you and your business to get them to click to your website and keep them coming back for more. Get creative with your video and make it one they won’t forget!

  • Keep dimensions in mind

If you don’t have the proper dimensions on your ad graphic, your graphic may be blurry, distorted or be cut off. To prevent these things from happening, check to make sure your video or ad image(s) are the proper size. Use the preview tool when creating your ad to see how your image will appear in different formats. A quick Google search of “dimensions for Facebook Ad images” will give you all the information you need to check the size of your graphics.

  • Explore your options

Don’t limit your Facebook ad to just a single image – there are a ton of options for ads to choose from! Play around with the options and find the one(s) that make most sense for your business. If you have multiple products to highlight, use the carousel feature to do so. Videos are great for catching attention and highlighting what your business is all about. Single images work well for giveaways and selling a service. The possibilities are endless, so play around, get acquainted with your options, then get creative with your ad!

  • Use photo editing software

I can’t stress this enough – you want your ad images to POP, grab attention and wow users to the point where they want to take action on your ad. Do yourself a favor and use some type of photo editing software to do this! Whether you’re a Photoshop professional or are just a beginner, anyone can make simple edits to a photo to make it look a hundred times better than the original. There are plenty of apps, like VSCO or Snapseed, that allow you to do this, plus desktop applications you can install on your computer similar to Photoshop. And if all else fails, hire someone to do some simple edits for you!

The above guidelines will help you get started and hopefully provide a little clarity and direction when it comes to picking the right image for your Facebook ad. But ultimately, you want to familiarize yourself with the tools at your disposal, play around with them and find what works best for you and your specific business. Although there is plenty of Facebook ad advice out in the internet, there is no one-size-fits-all magic formula for ad success. If you need extra help, feel free to check out our Facebook ads mini-course for an introduction into crafting your ads (Click Here). And of course, reach out to us anytime for a quote for our marketing services – we are here to help you succeed.