Success is a Mountain’s Peak, a Valley’s Dip

In business, as in life, you will traverse mountains and valleys.

When you’re on top of a mountain, looking out over the landscape, you feel good. You’ve just accomplished a major feat. You’re on top of your world and enjoy the view from up there.

Then, there are times when you feel as if you’re looking up at everyone else on the mountain peaks. You feel down and sad, maybe depressed. Maybe you just made a mistake or an idea you thought was a great one ended up failing. You wonder how you got so low and how far you have to climb to get to the peak of the next mountain. These are the valleys you face in life.

It’s hard to see it when you’re in one of these valleys, but fluctuations in life make you grow as an individual and as a business. If life was “happy” all the time, you would not have anything to judge happiness by. It’s the valleys in life that let you know when you’ve reached the mountain peak. If there were no valleys, and there was no mountains, how would you know when you reached the top? Would there be a top to reach?  Without sadness and hardship, there is no happiness and success. There is no personal and business growth.

Climbing mountains, looking out when you reach the peak and seeing success reminds you all the hard work pays off. From this view, you can see mountains in the distance that are even bigger than the one you’re on – you have the tools to raise the bar and conquer that mountain now. But you may hit another valley you couldn’t see before. That’s okay; it does not mean you’ve failed, it just means you have more growing to do. Think of this valley as a transition period, use it as a pivot point for future success. Whatever you do, do not give up on your climb.

Ask yourself these questions when you feel stuck in a valley: why am I here? What happened because of it? How do I get myself out of it? Then, when you answer these questions, take action. Be productive. And climb that mountain, no matter how hard it seems at the start. The more resistance you have, the further you’re going to go. The harder the going seems, the sweeter the reward is at the end of your journey. It might take a couple hours, a couple days, or even a couple decades, but it’s going to happen.

You’re going to hit that peak soon. When you do, the view will make the whole journey worth it.

Remember this the next time you’re feeling down, sad or depressed. Use that mindset as motivation and hike through those valleys, climb those mountains and don’t give up. And if you get knocked back along the way, land on your back so you’re looking at the mountain, motivated to start again.

You can do this, it’s in your control. Shift your mindset and you’ll shift your world. Turn valleys into powerful moments and life will never be the same again.

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