You Can Handle It: Take the Risk for Personal Success


Our comfort zone is a comfy place. We don’t like to leave it. But what happens when we don’t leave it? We die, piece by piece. Not to sound too dramatic, but you will start to decay if you’re not taking some risks. Risk meaning, something you view as personally uncomfortable. Discomfort pushes us into our comfort zone, but we need to push back! Your comfort zone may keep you safe, but it also keeps you stale. Imagine being in a cave for 50 years. That’s a picture of you never leaving your comfort zone. Safe, but destructive to our person. And we are some of the most important things on earth. We are living, breathing, beings. We must grow. To survive, we must move our limbs, and expand our brains and do different things.

Rest assured, everyone is scared of moving out of their comfort zones. It’s UN-comfortable. The opposite of our comfy cozy palace. But it’s meant to be scary. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t grow from it. When you face your fears, you grow. You attain the confidence that you can do this. Because you have done it. There’s your proof. BAM.

The best part of moving out of your comfort zone is that you can go sloooooww – baby steps. One thing tackled, more on the list. Talk to a person you don’t usually talk to. Go somewhere without a map. Try a new food. Learn a sport and play on the team. The first step is the hardest, but once you take off it will be hard to stop! It’s a pretty addicting thing, self growth.

The advantages of stepping outside your comfort zone are insane! As you can imagine, you can literally do anything once you’ve moved in front of fear and embraced your discomfort. Think about a bird finally learning how to fly. They leave that nest and see the world. Force yourself to be uncomfortable, and soon you will be soaring high above your fears! The world will be your oyster, nothing off limits. You will WANT to try everything. And your mind, body and soul will benefit from this open spirit.