Good Business: Over Deliver and Network

Most companies in their starting years will overcharge for their services. Because they want money, and they want it now. But this is the absolute wrong way to go about it. Starting out, if you’re charging too much, no one will take a second look at you. You might think higher prices equal better business. But actually, higher prices equal no business.

A trend that’s been highlighted in marketing and business over the past few years is value. Obviously you should be offering value. But we’re talking extreme value, and over delivering that value. An entire experience with your brand. You’re building an empire; that includes everything from blogs, to merchandise, to customer support, to email campaigns. That is OVER delivering, as opposed to just delivering. When you want a higher grade, do you do just what is required of you? Or do you go above and beyond and get that extra credit?

This is an extremely valuable trait to have as a company. Over delivering never ever hurts you, but it will always grow your company. The best part is, you take all that over delivery and steer it into a group of people who are genuinely interested, natural growth occurs. So you’re basically building a very wide base, inviting people into it, and then just letting it grow even wider. This may not build the hard and fast financial increase of high prices, but that’s not the way to sustainable success. You can’t expect a maple to grow just because the seeds you bought were expensive. You need to water it and feed it and make sure it gets sunlight. Over deliver on that seed. Over deliver with your marketing materials and strategy and your business and you will start to see everything blossom. No one will ever complain that your company is delivering too much.

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