Long Lists are Detrimental to Your Business Plan


Here’s why long lists are nonsense and affect our productivity negatively …

  • We lose focus
  • We lose steam
  • We lose tasks

Long lists have the potential to really screw up your business strategy. Imagine wanting to watch a movie and having to sit through a page full of fine print first. Long anything loses our attention quickly- even if we ourselves wrote it! We don’t like the word long. It doesn’t fit with marketing and business productivity. We like short and sweet and to the point. If we do this kind of list-making every day, we can bang out 5 main goals per day; as opposed to scrolling down a lost list, picking and choosing random things, and having a completely unorganized strategy.

Keep it simple. Condense and structure. And toss those long lists in the trash. Because they’re bullsh*t.