Market your Brand Without Breaking the Bank

I work for a marketing company that offers services to small business owners hoping to build and expand their brand. However, I’m about to tell you why you might not need us, yet. I’m not here to steer business away, but it’s time to be transparent. Many small business owners can take simple steps to give their business the boost it needs to attract more customers online and save money. 

There are things that you can do to expand your brand and save money. Here are a few easy steps you can take to boost your marketing without breaking the bank.

  1.   Create and cultivate your social media channels

Get noticed on social media. This is one of the most important aspects of growing a small business. Social media has all but replaced traditional methods of getting your business noticed. When was the last time you saw a great ad in a phone book? When was the last time you even saw a phonebook? The first step to building your brand is to establish a strong social media presence. Your business should absolutely have a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You also need to think about establishing yourself on Pinterest and Youtube. Once you have a page set up on each of these sites (if it makes sense for your particular business), it’s time to think about content creation.

  1.  Start creating content (videos, contests, images and blog articles)

Content drives traffic. Whether you’re creating Youtube videos to advertise your product/service, blog posts that pertain to your business or some great photos to attract potential customers, keep in mind: content is key! To help widen your reach, offer a giveaway or contest on your social media sites. Have visitors sign up with their contact information (namely their email address to build an email list for future marketing efforts) to qualify. Also, if you find your traffic on Facebook is strong, but Twitter is lacking (or vice-versa), host the contest on twitter. However, advertise the contest on all other social media platforms. This will drive traffic specifically to Twitter, or wherever you need it.

Generating traffic will draw a larger pool of people to your content and create interest in your brand. Giveaways are a great way to do that because… who doesn’t like free stuff? Check out an example of a T-shirt giveaway we hosted on our Facebook page! Keep in mind when hosting social media contests: you must abide by Facebook and Instagram’s guidelines for hosting giveaways/contests. You can find these rules here.

Once you generate some interest with a giveaway, make sure to keep the content flowing! People tend to have very short attention spans, so make sure to have new stuff for them to look at/participate in every few days. After all, content is key!!

  1. Build a free website

Before shelling out thousands of dollars on a website (though you will eventually need to if you are serious about your brand), you may want to look into building a free website to start. This will give you a place to funnel people to your products from your social media posts. People will be more turned on to your brand if they see that you’ve put some time into your site. It won’t look flashy, but it will help establish some credibility for your brand.

To Summarize…

Marketing your business/brand doesn't have to be expensive. Here are ways to cut marketing costs when it comes to your business.

Marketing your business/brand doesn’t have to be expensive. Cut marketing costs when it comes to your business.

Social media is the best place to grow a small business in the 21st century. Make sure to gain traction by offering freebies and hosting interactive contests. Offer coupons to people who get their friends interested. Also, make sure that you are doing this on as many social media platforms as you can manage and post your content on each platform. Once you have a sizable web of influence, and your posts are reaching more and more people, make sure to keep their attention by pouring out content like videos, photos and blog posts.

These simple steps can help grow your business in a major way, and won’t break the bank! When you find you are in need of professional assistance to amp up your marketing efforts and want to shell out more money, Mobile Mind Agency is only a click away. At Mobile Mind Agency, our experts will have your logo professionally designed, your website customized, your social media game filled with relevant content and your email marketing lists fully engaged with your brand before you know it. Contact us today for a free quote for any of our services.

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