On Branding: Keeping It Consistent

Of course it’s nice to change things up over time, but one thing that should remain consistent – no matter what – is your business’s core branding strategy. Consistency in branding and your products/services entices customers to keep coming back because they know what to expect from your business. Customers don’t like to be surprised; this is why fast food chains do so well. It doesn’t matter if they go to a McDonald’s in California or one in Vermont, they know what they are getting. In a world of a plethora of options, consistency makes the choice easier for an individual. If they know what they’re getting into, coming back each time and receiving the same quality products/services, you will keep their business.

Imagine IF I WROTE THIS POST aNd Didn’t keep anything consistent ON IT. You would very quickly become confused and lose interest; the same goes with your products/services, website, social media sites, emails – anything you use to market your brand. Keeping the quality of your products/services up-to-date and consistent ensures that customers will return – and even bring their friends!

Let’s take McDonald’s as an example (as I sit at my desk, writing this post and eating my McDonald’s fish filet and sweet tea). Known for its golden arches, catchy jingles and Big Macs, this fast food giant spends close to $1 billion per year on advertising in the United States. Everyone seems to be able to recognize their logo at a glance, which isn’t by mistake. Although McDonald’s has undergone some changes to its products over the years, those golden arches we’ve come to know and love have stayed consistent since the very beginning – 1953, that is.

How do they pull off such an expansive branding strategy? They remain consistent in their products and their messages to the public, which results in consumers preferring their products over their competitors.

For example, when you go to McDonald’s, you can expect to get a toy when you order a happy meal, you know what options are on the menu and you can be sure to spot Ronald McDonald or any of his friends in any McDonald’s. You don’t need to go into every McDonald’s individually to know what their menu offers and you can be assured that their food will taste the same no matter which McDonald’s you choose. Perhaps “I’m Lovin’ It” pops into your head as you chow down on a Big Mac or some chicken nuggets. Despite changes to menu options, the essential message of McDonald’s remains the same throughout time, resulting in one of the most easily recognizable brands in fast food: they provide fast food that people love.

Consistency in branding helps you manage consumers’ perceptions of your company (Even though we know McDonald’s food is bad for us, our mouths still water when we see a juicy Big Mac commercial), your business’s voice, eliminates confusion over what your business is about, builds brand equity and helps you to build upon your previous business successes.

Remaining consistent can feel like an uphill battle, especially for a small business owner; it’s a big commitment to make. If you’re not sure how or where to start, contact Mobile Mind Agency to help get you on the right track to building a brand; let us help you get into the Mobile Mindset.